Women’s development Project in Arusha


About Working at an Orphanage Project in Arusha

International human rights include the right to work, to an adequate standard of living, to participate in cultural and political life, to education and to freedom of religion. Even though Tanzania has ratified some human rights conventions, they are far from complying with them all in practice.

The Human Rights Centre in Arusha is run by a small, private NGO that aims to provide legal aid and counselling services to poor and disadvantaged women and children in both rural and urban areas. It operates by conducting seminars, workshops, camps and conferences, organizes legal aid, socio-economic support and Human Rights education, both at the centre and in the media. The Centre strives to help as many people as possible but focuses primarily on women. If you have a relevant academic background and wish to volunteer or be an Intern, you can work in this Centre for Human Rights.

What will you do on HIV / AIDS Awareness Project.

You will be involved in different activities like:

  • Visiting widows and get a better understanding of the legal and human rights problems they have to deal with
  • Conducting research on policies and laws affecting women and children with the aim of using the findings as a basis for lobbying and advocating to advance gender equality.
  • Encouraging and supporting poor women in establishing self-help groups or projects that will help them to generate an income.
  • Building a joint network with other NGOs and government bodies with activities relating to the Centres’ aims, within and outside Tanzania
As a volunteer you will work on grass root level alongside experienced people to make a difference in the local community. The longer you stay, the more interesting your task will be. A stay for at least three months is recommended.

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