Highly Recommended

“I can highly recommend Focus in Africa for your climb of Kilimanjaro. Nelson Mbise made sure I had everything for the climb and made the whole trip a success. Stay away from the big overpriced companies and set yourself up with a great non-profit organization, Focus in Africa.”

Scot Fraser Writer

Thank you!

“Loved my time at Good Hope Orphanage (and Tanzania) in 2010 volunteering with CPP (Creating Partnerships for Progress) – thanks Angela Wendel ! And with Focus in Africa – thanks Nelson!”

Jenny Connor


I just did a Kilimanjaro climb on the Machame Route with Focus in Africa, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. My guide was excellent. The food was fantastic. Nelson (who runs Focus in Africa) is helpful and responsive. Everything was taken care of, including pickup from the airport and accommodations at a guesthouse both before and after the climb. I really had a wonderful experience.

Brent Nelson

Lovely Experience

“Living with and teaching the kids at Good Hope Orphanage, counseling HIV/AIDS victims, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and going on safari: all of this was made possible thanks to the impeccable planning and guidance provided by Focus In Africa. “

Eleanor Washburne

Great Support

“CPP’s first project was to spend time at the Good Hope Orphanage and build a playground. What a life changing experience for all of us who went to Tanzania. It’s wonderful to see the children again and know how well they are doing. If you want to do something different in your life, for just a little bit of time, go to Africa and spend time at the Good Hope Orphanage and School! Thank you Nelson Mbise for making my time in Tanzania so amazing!”


Super Team

“For anyone considering climbing Kilimanjaro, look no further than tour operator Focus in Africa. As a student, one of my priorities was price. Focus in Africa was the cheapest I found, about $1300USD. Many other companies I researched charged upwards of $4000. However, lower price did not mean less comfort or less experienced guides. I felt pampered and safe as I made my climb up Kili. My guides had decades of experience and I trusted them throughout my trip.”

Great Experience

“We really had a great experience at the park with a great guide (thanks John!) and recommend this company (www.FocusInAfrica.com) to others looking for advice and adventures in the Arusha area.”

No Complaints

“We did a climb with FIA last month along with a safari. Both were private, though not requested, and were outstanding. I could not reccomend FIA enough! Great price and service. No complaints. Their attitude may be a little more relaxed, but it is Africa. Thank you to Nelson, Emanuel, Inok, and Samuel. All were wonderful!”W

Chargers 22 (TripAdvisor)

Huge Thank You!

“We climbed Kilimanjaro with Focus in Africa. Our lead guide was Babaluu. He and his team were awesome. We received the best customer care and were able to make it to the summit. We could not have done it with all 22 of the porters/guides. Thank you.”

Jin Tao Scopes trial, 1925