Teaching at local school Project in Arusha


About Teaching at local school Project in Arusha

Volunteers on the teaching project work in government schools or orphanage schools, at nursery or at primary level. The presence of volunteers is beneficial in opening the minds and broadening the horizons of the students. One important goal is to help the children with learning English, as English is a language that gives the children more chance of future employment and a chance to let them work themselves out of poverty. Focus in Africa works with multiple schools around Arusha. Most of them are in rural areas and are in high shortage of funding as well as staff members. As a volunteer you are highly appreciated and you will make a large difference to the children’s lives. Children in Tanzania love to attend school, often starting as young as 3 years old, and wherever possible, children hope to stay in school until at least 14 years old, as education is highly valued in Tanzanian society. As a teaching volunteer you either work by yourself or you will work alongside with local teachers and other volunteers.

What will you do on Teaching at local school Project in Arusha

Volunteers assist the local teachers with daily lessons, providing one-on-one attention to the students. As a volunteer you can  help  in  a number  of  different  ways  according  to  what you can and what you would like to do. You can be involved with teaching subjects as English, Math, Science, Social Studies (Geography and History), Art and Physical Education, according to your own skills and interests. You will play a fundamental role in the improvement of education and thus the future of the impoverished children of Arusha.  During  the  orientation,  as a  new  volunteer  you will  be  taken  to  the  school  and  introduced  to  all  of  the teachers  and  students  after  which  you  can  discuss with the local teachers what your contribution will be.

Examples of tasks you will get involved with are:

  • Teach subjects of your interest (English math, etc but also sports, music and art)
  • Assist the teacher with giving classes in different subjects to the children. All classes are taught in English, except Kiswahili class
  • Help the children with homework and answer their questions
  • Assist with maintaining the school facilities
  • Play games with the children and spend time playing with them

Requirements and duration of the project

The schools are always looking for enthusiastic individuals, older than 16, who want to make a difference and who have a great love for children. No previous experience is necessary nor do we require any special qualifications or skills but patience and understanding are qualities that come in useful. The duration of the project is from two weeks up to twelve weeks. The longer you stay, the more impact you will make. Longer stays than twelve weeks can be discussed directly while you are here, but it will depend on availability because placement spots are limited.

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