Music education Project in Tanzania


About Music education Project in Tanzania

Thanks to contribution of past volunteers, Nourish UNC now sponsors music education at Good Hope Primary School. We believe that music is a powerful tool in generating a community spirit, while it is also educating and inspiring.

Good Hope is one of a select group of schools within Tanzania to offer music instructions to their students. We are proud of the work that has been done on facilitating an environment for students to learn the arts of music and dance. We are looking for volunteers to propel our program forward as our students become more adept with the basics of guitar, piano, drums and dance.

As a volunteer you will help with teaching music at Good Hope but you also get the chance to expand the reach of our music program to other schools and projects within Arusha. Our program is open to volunteers with any background in music and arts, but mostly to those with a love for children. We want our students to have more opportunities in life with our program. By offering them ways to express themselves through extracurricular activities, our students will be more proactive, make more friends, learn more outside of the classroom and they will have more fun.

What will you do on Music education Project in Tanzania.

  • Giving music lessons to the primary school students
  • Arranging fun music learning and performance activities
  • Teaching basic music theory
  • Exploring the Arusha music and art scene
  • Getting to know the children who live at Good Hope Orphanage and helping them in their daily care
  • Planning outdoor games and activities for the children at the primary school
  • Having quality time with the children (coloring, reading stories, movies)

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