Medical and Nursing Project in Tanzania


About Medical and Nursing Project in Tanzania

If you are looking for valuable hands-on medical experience, a medical internship in Tanzania is a great opportunity. Our Internship program presents benefits beyond just professional development; it offers the opportunity to be completely immersed in the local culture and work environment. We work together with four different hospitals within the area of Arusha. These are Mt. Meru Hospital, Levolosi hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital and Kaloleni Hospital. So there are many different departments where you can work. We welcome interns with all different medical backgrounds: i.e. in medicine, nursing, dentistry, midwifery or physiotherapy. Under the guidance of the local doctors and care takers, volunteers will take over various tasks, such as patient care and assistance with operations. An individual work plan is created for all interns and volunteers outlining tasks and ensuring optimal care is given. The goal of the program is to provide care to impovered people in Tanzania and to improve their future prospects. But also to provide you with an in-depth understanding of Tanzanian healthcare and a valuable hands-on experience in the medical subject of your choice. This by learning directly from local experts within your field.

What will you do on Medical and Nursing Project in Tanzania

Work responsibilities vary based upon your education, skills and experience, varying to which medical sector you are involved in. You may be asked to help in several areas such as: bedside nursing care for patients on the wards, the out-patient and/or in-patient clinics, the specialized clinics such as the HIV/AIDS clinics and sessions conducted towards the health educational aspects of the Tanzanian people. Nurses may also be asked to assist other nurses in providing health care, first-aid, immunizations and assistance in locations such as the public school system. A lot would depend on the length of time the nursing volunteer is able to contribute his/her time and the interest and energy the nurse devotes towards his/her professional responsibilities. Students of medicine and nursing can do an elective placement or internship at one department or they can rotate through several departments. You will spend the majority of your time supervised by the main Doctor or nurses.

Requirements and duration of the project

The internship offers a chance to gain valuable medical experience to those who are than sixteen and who have a experience and/or education in medicine or nursing. The duration of the project is from 2 up to 12 weeks. Longer stays can be discussed directly while you are here, but depends on availability because placement spots are limited.

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