As in many other African countries, there is a severe and widespread HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanzania. HIV/AIDS is a serious challenge and if left uncontrolled, complications will continue to arise. Many hospitals, clinics and local NGO’s facilitate HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and awareness campaigns. Collaboration with local groups and organizations helps foster awareness amongst local communities, help prevent infection and loss of life, and improve the lives of those already infected. As a volunteer at a Tanzanian HIV/AIDS project you can support the ongoing efforts to stop the spread of HIV.

We partner with St. Lucia Nursing Home and Orphanage which was started by Winfrida Mwashala in Arusha, Tanzania. What started as an adult hospice for those dying of the AIDS virus soon became an orphanage for HIV positive children. Hospice patients came with children and once deceased, the children stayed because they had no other place to live.

St. Lucia is currently taking care of 19 children ranging from 2 to 17 years of age. They are receiving good nutrition (which is very important for HIV patients), good medical care, and education in caring for themselves as a person living with AIDS.

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    Some of our volunteer opportunities include the following:

    • Assist with delivering medicine to patients
    • Assist at orphanage dedicated to children living with HIV/AIDS
    • Go into rural villages to deliver medicine and counseling
    • Plan outdoor games and activities for the children
    • Quality time with the children (coloring, reading stories, movies)
    • Assist with administrative tasks for the orphanage
    • Take children out to places in town for swimming, lunch, or games


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